Photos by Robert Myers email





While walking the dogs on a recent morning my dog Ellie was walking ahead of me and started sniffing something in the grass and I couldn't see what it was so I backed her off so I could see what it was. At first all I saw was the wasp/hawk struggling in the tall grass and thought it was injured the way it was acting but then I saw the tarantula !!!!! Wow couldn't believe I was seeing what I had only read about!

I have read after a female tarantula wasp/hawk mates and is ready to lay her eggs she goes on the hunt for a tarantula when she finds one she will stun it and drag it into a hole then lay her eggs on the stunned tarantula so when the eggs hatch in a few days the larvae will have the stunned tarantula to provide food for them until they are adults and burrow their way out of the covered hole. Interesting I think !!!

The stunned tarantula was dragged across the driveway

and then down the dirt side of the driveway.

Then to the hole which you can see on the right. That is where they both disappeared. The hole looked like a gopher hole.

To give you an idea of the size
Here is an old pic I took of a honey bee and a Tarantula Hawk/Wasp side by side...only pic I got ....the honey bee flew off.