Photos by Robert Myers email






Living in Arizona and living on the side of a hill in the rocks we expect a scorpion or two so when my wife called for me to bring the step stool and a jar I knew it had to be a scorpion had got in the house trying to get out of the heat and sure enough there he was up in the corner by the ceiling ! The reason for the jar is to capture him ... never splatter him on the wall... it stains the paint and I do mean stain !!!! So of course before capturing him I have to photograph him !!!! Generally the scorpions we find here are not very aggressive but this guy had enough of my camera in his face and came after me ..... first he started swinging his tail around ... like a cat when she is about to do something... then he came towards me but then he stopped and took that funny looking stance like he was going to sting himself... I dont know that he stung himself but I got a picture of him in that stance and then I captured him so now I will get some pictures of him with the black light.


P.S.  Anybody want a scorpion ????