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Pictures using the Minolta 7D

Merry Christmas to me

Sunset first day picture A

Sunset first day picture  B

Sunset first day picture

Sunrise Pano 7 pics 12-21-04(Sm)

Sunrise Pano 7 pics 12-21-04(Lg)

Girls on Stairs

Ellie Guarding her tennis ball

Hummer study 1

Hummer Study 2

Hummer Study 3

Happy Sundown !

Stormy Sunset 1x4 pano sm

Stormy Sunset 1x4 pano Lg

Rainbow Close-by

Hummer in the Sunset

Colorful Sunrise

Table Manners

My bird Chuckie

Hummers in the Dark 1

Hummers in the Dark 2

Ruffled Feathers - RoadRunner

Sunset slow speed handheld..great color

Eastside of the Sunset

Cactus Bloom

Spring Quail

Last light in the cactus patch

Staghorn Cactus Bloom

Feeding Hummer

Picture for the Day

Cell Antenna

Falcon Head Shot

Vulture Profile

Fluffys Sunset

Desert Color

Tamron 28-300 test pictures

Chuckwalla on wall by cactus

Chuckwalla on wall ... size reference

Rock Squirrel through the kitchen window

Oriole on wind chime

Female Oriole at treetop

Quail chick

Cactus..lily look

Cactus blooms on a platter

D&K yucca

Minolta does Lightning

The sunrise of sunrises

Oscar with Eggs

Bolt from the Cloud

Looking for groun

118 Degrees

Lightning 8-2-05

The smile

Layered Lightning

A vision in the clouds

what I saw

Dogone Dog (Lg Pic )

Dogone Dog ( Sm Pic )

Dogless Sunset ( Lg Pic )

Dogless Sunset ( Sm Pic )

2x3 Southern Sunset

Rayful Sunset

Storm at Sunset

Sunset 1x2 pano 9-21-05

Sunset 5V pano 9-21-05

Bay Area Trip 05

me & John Hilmer

Tucson October 2005 Album

First Light .....2x2 panorama

Last Light

6 Toes

Pastel pano Sunset ( 2x2 )

Christmas 05 Card

New Years Eve morning sunrise ( 2x2 pano )


Hummer & Christmas lights


Fish with eggs

Eater of the eggs ?

Tucson Jan 2006

Sunrise 2x4 pano 1-19-2006

Sunset 1x4 pano 12-26-2005

Flat squirrel

Vulture circling

Vulture final approach

Vulture on the ground

B-17 flyover

Stealth flyover

F-16? flyover

Sunset pano 2x3 1-28-06


Hummer 2-3-06


66 Mustang

66 Mustang ..larger

66 Mustang icon sized

Church Fire

Sigma 170-500mm page

Sunset 7 vert pano small 2-17-2006

Sunset 7 vert pano large 2-17-2006

Police Helicopter

Police Helicopter spot light

Decision time

Saguaro in snow

Snowy desert hillside

Snow in the desert

Snow on cactus

Snow on cactus 2

People on hill

People on hill 2

Snowday sunset

Snow day pano 5V

Snow Day page

Sigma 170-500 page

Desi 1

Desi 2

Swan ?

Fish lip to lip

Early Bird - hummer

Early morning Pollination

Early morning Pollination 2

Quail Chick on the run

Bee with tag a long

Chucka Walla

Female Oriole on saguaro bloom

Leapin Lizards

Male quail eye

Quail chick on log

Night Blooming Cactus front

Night Blooming Cactus rear


Fireworks closeup

Original Wren in flight

Wren moved

Final Wren in flight

Fireworks - Phoenix

Fireworks - Tempe


Father Quail

Mother Quail

Quail Chicks

Lightning 7-21-06

Lightning Pano 7-16-06

Sunset 3x3 Pano  ( 9 pics ) a

Sunset 3x3 Pano  ( 9 pics ) b

Lightning...patience needed

Close Lightning 7-25-06

Lightning 8-21-2006-1

Lightning 8-21-2006-2

Lightning 8-21-2006-3

Lightning 8-21-2006-4

Lightning 8-21-2006-5

Lightning 8-21-2006-6

Lightning 8-21-2006-7

Sequence at Sunset 1

Sequence at Sunset 2

Sequence at Sunset 3

Lightning 9-2-2006-1

Lightning 9-2-2006-2

Lightning 9-2-2006-3

Lightning 9-2-2006-4

Lightning 9-2-2006-5

Lightning 9-2-2006-6

East sunset 9-4-2006

Lightning 9-4-2006-1

Lightning 9-4-2006-2

Alice 1

Alice 2

Alice 3

Sunset Pano 8V lg 10-2-06

Sunset pano 8V sm 10-2-06

Lightning in the Morning 10-6-2006 ( Album )

Sunrise 1 10-13-2006

Sunrise 2 10-13-2006

The Ultimate Un-Official Minolta color Sampler

Sunset 11-5-2006

Sunset Pano 1x4 11-5-2003

Kid Rock wanna be ????

Hummer w/ macro lens

We are watching you !

Sunset - stadium1

Sunset - stadium2

Light over Phoenix

Crop of lights

Clouds over Downtown

Pyrrhuloxia .....some call it a muted cardinal

Lightning 3-22-2007

My helper Ellie

Motorcycle album

Lightning gallery 5-1-2007

Hummer saguaro blossom 1

Hummer saguaro blossom 2

Hummer saguaro blossom 3

The Guardian

The Feather

The Lookout




Tarantula Story page

Scorpion album

lightning album 8-25-2007

Lightning example

Bomber the bird

Rainbow one

Rainbow two

Lightning 2-20-2008

Sunrise 2-15-2008 single frame

Sunrise 2-15-2008 pano 4 vert

Sunrise 2-15-2008 pano 15 pics

Sunrise 2-15-2008 single frame wide angle

Poppies wide

Poppies closer

Poppies single


Girls on hill


Squaw Peak

Cactus patch

First bloom

Bee in bloom

Bee in bloom 2

Storm Cloud 7-21-2008

Red storm cloud 7-21-2008

Sunset pano 1

Sunset pano 2

Sunset pano 3

Lightning Aug 2008 album

Pictures using the Panasonic FZ-50

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 5



Sunset Pano 6V  lg 10-2-06

Sunset Pano 6V sm 10-2-06

Sunset Pano 2 pics 10-9-2006

Skatin' on a cloud

Stormy sunset

Feeder overload

Pot on a wall

Sunrise Pano 5 vert pics 10-13-2006

Moon up



Pictures using the Oly C2100uzi

Mustang Sally

Desi 3

Snow covered cactus

Snow covered cactus 2

Lost paw

Oscar with Eggs

Oscar with Eggs II

Easy Cleaner

UZI Broke

Morning Moon

Bee macro test

Bee Move

Ellie Eye

Searchlight Sunset

Early Spring Delight

Funny Cats Video ( windows media file )

Sunset 2-23-04 wide view

Sunset 2-23-04 zoom view

Southwestern Lights

David Brewer's Eagle

Full hummer using B-Macro lens

Head shot using B-Macro lens

Storm Clouds at Sunset 12 pic pano 3-4-2004

Beak Broke

Hummers x 3

Hummer Profile

Hummer Head Shot

King of the Feeder

Sunset Pano ....7 verticals 3-10-2004

Saving the Species

Lightning 31104

Lightning 31104 larger version

Sunset 1x4 pano 31104

Sunset 1x4 pano 31104 larger version

Hummer original for Sarah

Hummer Hotfoot

RWCA First quarter Newsletter

AJ & Sun ( composite )

AJ & Sun ( Orginal )


Nesting in the Needles

Hedgehog cactus bloom

The Hillside Sentry

High Diver

Rainstorm at Sunset 1 x 5 pano (small )

Rainstorm at Sunset 1 x 5 pano ( Large )

South Stormy Sunset 1 x 6 pano ( Small )

South Stormy Sunset 1 x 6 pano ( Large )

70 MPH Sunset

70 MPH Sunset2

Storm Curtain ( Small )

Storm Curtain ( Large )

Cochise Pastel

Dust Storm Cloud

Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light2

Code 3

Close ...but no cigar

Dentist Flower

Ocotillo Cactus Bloom

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions ( full size )

The Blue Blue Skies of Arizona

Ham & Eggs


Not a Hummer 1

Not a Hummer 2

Not a Hummer 3

Storm at sunset 13 pic pano 180 degree view ( small version 60 k)

Storm at sunset 13 pic pano 180 degree view ( Large version 250 k )

Duck Family swim

Duck family swim 2

Bread loaf unsliced

Bread loaf sliced

Bread Recipe (Office doc)

Police Helo

Police gunpoint

Police Capture

Mockingbird Antics

Moon over Macy's

Sunset Pano 13 pictures 5/7/04

Lorna in car 1

Lorna in car 2

Lorna on hood 1

Lorna on hood 2

Lorna on hood 3

Lorna on hood 4

Lorna in front of car 1

Lorna in front of car 2

Lorna in window/sunset

Scratch that itch ( Oriole )

Male Oriole

Female Oriole

Always carry a BIG Stick

Ranchero Original

Ranchero Altered

Ranchero raffle flyer


Dave White test Masson Mills

Moon-up over Mountain

Moon-up over Mountain ( part one )

Moon-up over Mountain ( part two )

Natues Nuggets

Pat's Flower

Sucking on a roach

Claw to Claw 1

Claw to Claw 2

Sunset Panorama 7-7-2004 ( 12 vert pics ) Small

Sunset Panorama 7-7-2004 ( 12 vert pics ) large

Hurt Hummer

Model A Sunset

Model A sunset 2

Phoenix Lightning ...30 years ago

Hawley Lake AZ...30 years ago

Sunset 5 vert pano 8-5-2004

Sunset 5 vert pano 8-5-2004 ( larger size )

Rainbow at sunset over house

But its a Dry Heat !!

Lightning Loop

Lightning 8/11/2004

Dumb Mechanic

X Marks the Spot (lightning)

Hummer with sun rays

Dragonfly with mouthful

Dragonfly cloudy sky

Dragonfly blue sky

Sunset 8-23-2004

Ear Ring

How not to photograph Jewelry

House rainbow sunset pano

Doggie Sunset

Morning Pano 6V s

Morning Pano 6V L

Weather Pano  7V s

Weather Pano 7VL

Pink Sunset Pano 2x2 s

Pink Sunset Pano 2x2 L

Beacons BBQ Kitten

Sunset pano 2x3 10/6/03


Second seat 3 pic panp

Praying/clasped Hands in Cactus bloom

Curved Bill Thrasher

Red Nose in the Sunset

Sunset Rays 2x2 pano

Oly E10 Sunburst

Terri's Picture Cropped

Toon Car

Mountain Color

Mountain Color 2

Mountain Color 3

Moon Eclipse w/Plane passing

Moon eclipse through clouds

Myles 8th Birthday


Candy w/Bee

Layered Lightning from March 2004

Sunset ...nuked ???

Manzanita Car Show

Birds Eye View

Window From Above

Look into my Eyes

Turkey Vulture

Brian's Candle

Thanksgiving 2004

BeeMacro in Olyville

Hummer in the Sunset

Me and my Hummer

Hummer and orange ball

Brother taking picture

Hummer Hover

Hummer Phoenix

Hummer Phoenix 2

Hummer Phoenix 3

Hummer Bee be Gone

Hummer Bee be Gone 2

Sunset 1x3 Pano 1-29-05

Ghost Hummer 1

Ghost Hummer 2

Ghost Hummer 3

Red Head in the Sunset

Red Head in the Sunset 2

Red Head in the Sunset 3

Red Head in the Sunset 4

Red Head in the Sunset 5

On Golden Wings

Lightning 2-23-05

Fluffy Mountain

Camelback mountain

Weird Storm Clouds 2x5 Pano

Weird Storm Clouds 7 Vert Pano

Dawns Early Light

Quail Portrait

Young Roadrunner


UZI does Lightning


Lightning a 2-14-2007

Lightning  b 2-14-2007

Sunset 2x3 pano 2-14-2007

Sunset 6Vert pano 2-14-2007

The Tucson Experience summer 2004

Anita Bird

Tarantula Wasp

Cautious Doe

3 Johns

Mr Bobcat

Mr Coyote

Eastern Sky at sunset

Drink Interrupted

Drink Interrupted 2

Ellie and Javalena nose to nose

In The Shadows

Red Flower


Our dogs enjoying a walk in the hot sun

Anita's Birthday hug

Birthday Dinner out !!!!

Lightning in the sunset

Moonup through a saguaro

Mr Drywall

On mouse alert

Double mouse alert

Pals forever

Phallic Sunset

Saguaro Bloom

Saguaro Fruit


Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 5

Trek at Sunup

Water Lily

Water lily 2


Deer at night with leg raised about to signal danger

Deer at night

Funny Bunny 1

Funny Bunny 2

Funny Bunny 3

Picture for Anita

The Monsoon Season arrives in Phoenix

Lightning large Flash

Lightning with  smoke visible from house fire





Lightning hitting downtown ( wide view )

Lightning hitting downtown ( cropped )

Lightning 8-15-2004

Mother Natures Electronic Flash

Without the flash...with lightning

A Light from Above

Lightning 8-15-2004

Lightning two frame composite

Lightning over house

Lightning Merged picture showing originals

Lightning Panorama

My first lightning panorama 8-18-2004


Oriole four pic Series

Oriole one   Sm ( 45 k )      Lg ( 150k )

Oriole two   Sm ( 45 k )      Lg ( 150k )

Oriole three   Sm ( 45 k )     Lg ( 150k )

Oriole four   Sm ( 45 k )       Lg ( 150k )

Dog & Skateboard ( 750 K movie ) ..from the internet

Storm Day .. 12 hour time lapse - through double pane window ....25 meg mpeg1  file run time 2.25 min

Right click the use save target as to download and play on your media player


Oly E-10 Pictures

Autumn Colors 1

Autumn Colors 2

Autumn Colors 3

Olympus 8080 Test Pics



web pic

Auto Salvage original scan from hat

Auto Salvage reworked b&w tif ( Viper on road )

Hd logo final jpg

HD logo orig

RNR orig tif

RNR corel vector

RNR AI vector (mac )

RWCA Newsletter oct 2004

RWCA Aug Newsletter PDF

RWCA Sept Newsletter PDF

RWCA Nov Newsletter PDF

RWCA JanFeb Newsletter

RWCA April 2005 Newsletter

RWCA June 2005 Newsletter

RWCA August 2005 Newsletter PDF

RWCA Sept/Oct 2005


Christmas 2004

Jim Sr Bday

Easter 2005

Cole's Graduation

AJ's Fifth Birthday

AJ & Kate 7/30/05

Kates' third Birthday

Christmas 2005

City View

Thanksgiving in Wickenburg

Christmas 2006

Dicks Bday 2007

Sunset pixel peeping








Lightning Trigger pic

Ford Show MOV pano

Color Toyz 06 flyer pdf

B&W Toyz 06 flyer pdf

Mike Royall Page

Bob Anderson Page

Compactor nut