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Manzanita Speedway Car Show

In the middle of October we did a little car show at Manzanita Speedway which is a local 1/2 mile dirt track here in Phoenix. We hoped to sell tickets to our Club's Raffle Ranchero.

And you know I have to have my sunset fix... .

From Above

A view of the car show area from the stands.

A sunset view of the announcing stand

I wonder if the people sitting in the bleachers even realise what a spectacular sunset they are missing !!??

Two pictures sandwiched their exposures were...

1/100 @ F-4.5 & 1/30 @ F-4.5

Palm tree sunset

This is three pictures tall taken from the grandstands...the tree is very tall.

1/200 sec @ F4.5

A three picture panorama.

Almost at ground level from the grandstands..what a sunset!

Do you see the colored lights in the lower right-see next pic

1/60 @ F-4.5

Beer thirty....

This is a liquer store across the street.

1/60 sec @ F-4.5

Hot laps

In order to get the moisture worked into the track so the cars can get some grip they drive round & round untill it gets the right consistency.

This is from the general admission grandstands..good ole UZI and 10x stabilized zoom.

1/30sec @ F-4.5 ISO 400

More hot laps

UZI and 10x stabilized zoom.

1/30sec @ F-4.5 ISO 400

Our Presidents Truck

1939 Dodge Pick-up

1/80 sec @ F-4.5

A view of the car show area after dark

That is our Raffle Ranchero on the left.

1/40 sec @ F-4.5 ISO 400